Mercedes: Ferrari can hide its potential

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Vettel confirmed that Scuderia does not currently plan to use full engine power. Mercedes suggests that Ferrari may have deliberately masked its full potential during the first part of the Formula 1 winter trials.

In the final Bulletin, the first round of the winter tests in Barcelona, which ended on Friday, Mercedes hid the indicators after the media and fans assigned it the title of favorite of the championship titles.

No one wants to show that they are faster than the other team, because you don't know what your opponent is hiding or what will happen soon. For example, will Red Bull release a significant patch package for the second test track? Why did Ferrari spend the first three days of training using a powertrain that was constantly running at a lower level than that of the partner teams?.
Vettel explained that Ferrari does not want to use the full power of its engine, and noted that it does not need to do this at all during winter testing.

"You can play with different engine modes, and it's in a really significant dimension. I think the goal at this stage is not to show maximum power. Now the goal is to drive as many laps as possible.»