There was a serious engine failure in the Mercedes car

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An electrical failure on Thursday led to the destruction of the power unit. During the first round of testing in Barcelona, a Mercedes car failed, which caused an unplanned replacement of the power unit.

Mercedes has an extremely successful opening of preparation for the upcoming season. Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas confirmed that the W11 car is a reliable and competitive design that can compete for top awards.

An electrical fault that forced a stop on the Valtteri Bottas track on the second day of testing was more serious than initially thought. This led to damage to the power unit, and the car needed to replace the engine.

The head of the Mercedes division, Andy Cowell, admitted that the winter in Brixworth was not without drama. There is a lot going on at our factory. We have a lot of fixes regarding the powertrain. We are talking about improvements in the field of ERS or internal combustion engine. As usual, we encounter small problems that need to be fixed. On Friday, Nicholas Latifi of Williams lost time on the track. In FW43 it was also necessary to replace the power unit.
Problems also did not escape Honda. On the second day, an anomaly in the power unit was detected on THE rb16 car. The manufacturer decided to replace the engine on a preventive basis. It was tested and converted to a Red Bull F1 design on Friday.